11:30 Tuesday 22nd October 2019

Composites in Mechanical Systems

Composites are used widely in motorsport and other high-performance engineering sectors. The use of composites is well established in the areas of exterior panels, aerodynamic surfaces and chassis. In these applications it is often possible to get the loads into the structures through a combination of bonded joints, inserts and screws. In order to increase the composite content in motorsport and other sectors it is necessary to consider applications within the systems of the vehicle. The further utilisation of composites requires their adoption in more mechanical applications such as suspension systems and gearbox parts. In these system applications the demands on the composite can be very high with operating stresses much closer to the ultimate strength of the composite parts and the parts can be subjected to higher levels of fatigue loading than in the more traditional applications. In order to employ composites to these more mechanical applications, much more consideration of how the loads are going to be transmitted into the composite elements is required. This leads to a level of integration with other materials and the formation of hybrid multi-materials components. This presentation looks at some examples of how composite parts have been used successfully in mechanical systems.

Nolan Richmond, Lentus Composites