Christian Fleischfresser

Christian Fleischfresser

Business Development Manager


Composites have been used extensively in Motorsports since the late 1970’s. Although vehicle design has evolved dramatically since then, the industry has seen limited advancement in production technologies regarding composite part manufacturing. This is especially true of complex carbon fiber parts, where design cycles are time-consuming and manual manufacturing is slow and expensive. If a process came along that could slash design cycle time and improve part quality, while providing flexible and fully automated complex composite layup capabilities, it could open up new and exciting possibilities for an industry that continuously designs, tests and modifies its parts. This is exactly what Fiber Patch Placement (FPP) has set out to deliver.

As Business Development Manager, Christian Fleischfresser is an active member of the Cevotec commercial team, as well as being responsible for day-to-day business operations and controlling activities. Prior to Cevotec, he worked in product and process development in both the aerospace and industrial equipment sectors and as a strategy consultant. Christian holds an MBA from IESE Business School as well as a Masters in Automotive Engineering from Italy’s Politécnico di Torino and a Mechanical Engineering degree from the Escola Politécnica of the University of São Paulo, in his native Brazil.


Speaker sessions:

Flexible Automation for Complex Composites at 09:30 on 23rd October 2019