Miroslav Stojkovic

Miroslav Stojkovic

Engineering Manager


Performance gains achieved in design increments are often marginal as they require a number of rapid iterations between design, prototyping and testing environment. Airborne have developed automated composite manufacturing solutions connected to the user friendly online portal allowing near instantaneous production of preform designs hence shortening the time between the two design increments. This paper will demonstrate the portal, and the ease with which a preform can be designed and ordered, allowing for an efficient product development process. A live demonstration will be made, via video link, to production of the preform using our Automated Tape Laying facilities. Consideration will be given to the workflow including assessment of formability and draping of the 2D preform.

Miroslav has extensive experience in research, analysis, testing and manufacturing process development of composite and metallic structures and materials. He has comprehensive experience in development, simulation and validation of non-linear numerical models using a range of FE codes and user subroutines in commercial codes. Miroslav has worked on products and managed multi-functional teams from within a variety of sectors. His work includes theoretical and experimental investigations of performance polymer composite and metallic structures when subjected to a wide variety of loading , process modelling and system engineering. In his current role he is responsible for effectively developing and deploying automation and digitalisation solutions within the composite manufacturing domain.

Speaker sessions:

Digitalisation of Composite Manufacturing for Rapid Development at 13:30 on 22nd October 2019