Prof. Willem Toet

Prof. Willem Toet

Motorsport, F1 and Aerodynamics Specialist

Sauber Aerodynamics

Willem started in Motorsport during his university years working his way up from the bottom. He has worked in the field of aerodynamics for 30 years, and in this time Willem has worked with several established companies within the industry.

In 1985 he started working with Benetton F1 leading a growing group of engineers to assist Benetton F1 to win their first F1 Drivers’ Championship. In 1994 Willem joined the Scuderia Ferrari team as the head of the aerodynamics department. During his time at Ferrari he assisted with the transaction of transferring the aerodynamic development from England to Italy as well as supervising specific straight-line aerodynamics tests to assess performance and correlation to model-predicted forces. He later moved to Bar/Honda and BMW Sauber. He had a short break from Formula 1 as Managing Director of the RML Group however soon returned to Sauber matching engineering capabilities with the needs of potential customers.

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Speaker sessions:

Keynote – Why F1 and Motorsport teams spend so much energy and resource creating light, strong and stiff structures. at 09:00 on 22nd October 2019